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In Pamplona and other places, the six bulls in the event are still those that will feature in the afternoon bullfight of the same day.Spanish tradition says the true origin of the run began in northeastern Spain during the early 14th century.The encierro is usually composed of the six bulls to be fought in the afternoon, six steers that run in herd with the bulls, and three more steers that follow the herd to encourage any reluctant bulls to continue along the route.

One or more would slip going into the turn at Estafeta ("la curva"), resulting in the installation of anti-slip surfacing, and now most of the bulls negotiate the turn onto Estafeta and are often ahead of the steers. Runners are not permitted in the first 50 meters of the encierro, which is an uphill grade where the bulls are much faster.While transporting cattle in order to sell them at the market, men would try to speed the process by hurrying their cattle using tactics of fear and excitement.After years of this practice, the transportation and hurrying began to turn into a competition, as young adults would attempt to race in front of the bulls and make it safely to their pens without being overtaken.The encierro begins with runners singing a benediction.It is sung three times, each time being sung both in Spanish and Basque. " ("Long live Saint Fermin", in Spanish and Basque).

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Most of these 200 people are volunteers, mainly from the Red Cross.

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