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I’m proud of all the postings I’ve put on here & sometimes even come here to reference to something I’ve written in a post but have forgotten about. Sometimes I get guys talking to me about something I’ve talked about in a blog & I have to actually look up the blog to see what the hell they’re talking bout – remember I’ve had the blog for a few years now.

It’s surprising how much I’ve talked about, especially from my uneventful life here on the North Island of NZ.

Plus there are some weeks where I’ll read ¼ of a book & others where I’ll only read a single chapter. I’ve done rather well since the demise of my fave show last year, Desperate Housewives which closed the doors on Wisteria Lane after 8 years.

In fact maybe a bit too well, I’ve fallen in love with a bunch of new shows.

Right now I’m in the middle of the 2 book – The Water Witch.

I love the characters & the setting plus I’ve always been a fan of fantasy creatures & witchcraft/paranormal stories.

So to summaries, it was a gorgeous long hot summer.

But many animals/plants suffered – not to mention all the farmers which had to kill a lot of stock because they had no food for them.

But unlike watching a movie – books take much longer to devour.

First book is called Incubus (although was republished as ‘The Demon Lover’ by Juliet Dark, only god knows why – I have the Incubus version) & it’s basically what you’d expect from a book with that title – a mix of gothic fantasy & eroticism.

I really love it, in fact it could be one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had.

I kinda love it, it’s sort of refreshing, besides (like with any book) you always put yourself in the leading characters place so it turns out to be gay sex anyway hahahaha.

Carol has also written a 3rd book called The Angel Stone which is being released in September. Also on my ‘to read’ list is Flood by Stephen Baxter, which also has a follow up book called Ark.

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