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And, as you know being evenly yoked with someone is so important, especially when it comes to the Gifts of the Spirit.

First I want to thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity.

This is truly a blessing from God, allowing the Pentecostal community to be knitted closer together and helping single brothers and sisters find like-minded Pentecostal Believers in Jesus.

Pentecostal Match was conceptualized in December 2001 when it was realized that the best way to get to know other Pentecostal singles outside of the limited circles within their own church was through an interactive website.

This group is for True Spirit Filled Christian Singles that operate in the Gifts of Spirit.

I think it's awesome to be around like minded people that speak the same language who walk together in the Spirit.

As Pentecostals, our beliefs are very important to us - such as spirit filled worship, and decency in dating.

It is the answer to an often-repeated prayer of many Pentecostal singles, that they would have a way to find one another.

I would get free for a month and then I would go back. I took part by making myself feel that I was having sex with the characters on the screen. Remember, no one can fill the void in your heart like Jesus.

I am a single girl who got caught up in pornography for over a year. It all started when I began to look for dates on Christian dating sites. When I talked to some guys they only wanted to talk to me about sensual things, and this got my mind aroused to want to look at men’s private parts and sexual activity on the Internet and Cable TV. He will deliver you from pornography and all sin by his blood he shed on Calvary. I know these scriptures will encourage and lift you up.

We can be of good cheer that we are not fighting this battle alone! Please find a Spirit filled church where people are being delivered from the sins of their ancestors, demon possession, soul-ties, depression, bitterness, and all manner of sins.

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Pentecostal Match is the only website dedicated solely to Spirit-filled singles.

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  1. We therefore turned to a panel of experts for advice on money, examining the characteristics of a prospective city to call home and drawing singles to those areas.

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