Inundating you

Most of the gear theyd need was stored in the garage.He got out the tent and set it up, checking for rips. He did make one concession to his Mom, he bought an air mattress and foot pump, a little more weight but he thought shed appreciate the comfort.He stowed their gear and got out the air mattress saying, For you Mom, I thought your back would appreciate it. Well, we gotta share, I only brought one but its big enough for two sleeping bags.She winked at him, And I get to sleep with a young man, now that does bring back memories.He wasnt seeing anyone in particular and wasnt really looking for a relationship, just a casual date.

The place Tommy had chosen was beautiful, the sunlight glistened off the surface of the pool, the ripples from the waterfall caused the sun beams to seem to dance across the surface, they were surrounded by towering trees but at poolside there was a grassy glen. Once the tents were up, Tommy had brought two, the larger one to accommodate them and a smaller tent where he stowed their clothing, supplies and fire materiel, in case of rain he wanted dry tinder. I stood up and she hugged me, wet body, wet suit and all, she gave me a big hug and a wet kiss.Have you eaten; I can fix some sandwiches, would you like that?Do you really think I could Tommy, Im not as young as I was then, I dont know if I could hack it. Shed been an athletic woman, playing tennis and golf, getting plenty of exercise; shed been trim, now, well, now she was forty-eight years old.Her former sleek black hair was now tinged with gray, the breasts that had seemed immune to gravity had succumbed to nature, on her hips and tummy she was carrying an extra fifteen pounds and her once taut bottom had spread. Hey Mom, Ill do the heavy lifting, carry most everything in.

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