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She says that while we spend our lives looking for that intense one-of-a-kind chemistry with a partner, it’s actually BAD for your relationship.

She goes on to explain that we are simply not at our best when we’re crazy about someone.

Hey, I don’t write these things, I just report them.

To me, the most interesting aspect of this is not that men, are, in fact, shallower than women. But your point, Roger, that first date sparks don’t mean anything more than first date sparks?

Doesn’t mean they weren’t attractive or interesting.

Since you don’t feel that chemistry, you don’t start trying too hard, or attempting to impress, or any of the other things we do under the affects of “chemistry.” This doesn’t mean you should be with someone you’re NOT attracted to, but instead, you might want to dial it back a bit. It’s quite another to learn to make different decisions than you’ve made in the past.If you’re going to compare and contrast our genders, men are, by far, the more visual and chemistry-driven sex.Which means that they are more likely to conclude within five seconds of meeting a woman that there is not going to be a second date.As I see it, there are only two main criteria: 1) Did I have fun with her? As to how she dresses or whether she’s late or talks with her mouth full…yeah, we notice, but we’ll pretty much forgive such things if she’s both cool and sexy. You’re spot on when you recognize that first-date sparks don’t portend a future relationship.But when you say that women are more likely to cut off someone who doesn’t make them tingle, I have to challenge you.

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