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You're not going to get killed."But even as this was happening, the pilot and his co-pilot, Tom Mc Guinness, knew that their stewardesses were being attacked with knives at the back of the aircraft.

The pilots are believed to have been pulled away from the controls - possibly after they were stabbed or had their throats slit - to allow a hijacker to take over and set the 757 on a course towards carnage.

Considering that Nicole Brown was OJ’s second wife, it would be interesting to hear what his first wife, Marguerite Whitley, would say about their marriage (and about Brown’s murder).

According to court records, it seems that Whitley and Simpson’s marriage wasn’t as tumultuous, but was that really the case?

He was later found driving down an expressway in a white Ford Bronco that was being driven by his best friend/former teammate Al Cowlings. This resulted in a 60-mile, low-speed chase through L. After the chase ended, police found almost ,000 in Cowlings’ pockets.

In the car, there was a fake goatee and mustache, a bottle of makeup adhesive, receipts from a beauty store, the gun, and Simpson’s passport.

During his trial, OJ was asked to try on bloody gloves, with one being found at the scene of the crime and the other outside Simpson’s home.

When he tried it on, it did not fit, leading his lawyer, Johnny Cochran, to state, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” A month before trying on the gloves, Simpson allegedly stopped taking his anti-inflammatory medication, which he used to treat arthritis.

This was a form of misconduct and prevented them from showing the tape.

There was cross-contamination, a lack of procedure being followed, DNA samples being left in an overheated van, and so much more.

With this was clearly a significant murder case, the frustration within us wants to know: Why weren’t detectives more careful with the evidence?

What if he was more like Steven Avery, a man without an endless stream of money or means?

THE pilot of the first aircraft to hit New York's World Trade Centre was told that he was "not going to get hurt" as Arab hijackers stabbed air stewardesses at the rear of the plane to lure him out of the cockpit.

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