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The English ones are relatively easy to research and date due to England’s system of hallmarking. © Copyright Sugar et Cie 2015 While the Canadian silver ring boxes are for the most part marked sterling or plated, dating them is a bit harder.You can’t simply look at the hallmarks, look for the city mark and then look up the date letter to determine the year the piece was made. It is unlikely that you will be able to pin down the year, but you will have a better chance of identifying the period correctly. Limited on a catalogue dated 1915/16 and Ellis Bros. While these dates do not point to the exact date of the name changes, they are good reference points, from primary sources, which you can use to assess the maker’s mark that is on your box (or piece of jewelry from these makers).Why have these ring boxes become so highly sought after?

But somehow, its not quite the same as a velvet or silk lined sterling silver ring box that screams – HEIRLOOM.Most people don’t realize that around 80-90% of all diamonds mined are not suitable for use in jewellery.The majority of natural diamonds are highly included and opaque little pebbles.© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2015 Over the years we have come across a few from the U.S., some from England, but the majority of the ones we have been interested in, come from Canada (Birks, Ryrie, Ellis Bros.).

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