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'Now I'm not saying the government does not commit some crimes.They do,' said Niyiragira, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky.Sixty per cent of the teams participating in the competition were founded, led or organized by women. And there were six all-girl teams, including the Afghan squad and teams from the United States, Ghana, Jordan, the Palestinian territories and the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.Vanuatu's nickname: the 'SMART Sistas.'When the competition wrapped up on Tuesday, the teams of teenagers from more than 150 nations were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in a variety of categories.The team's slogan in Kirundi is 'Ugushaka Nugushobora,' meaning 'where there is willing is also the ability,' according to the page.

However, he said he found the teen's departure disappointing and believes that his country's economic impoverishment, rather than political persecution, is the driving force in most people's decision to seek asylum from Burundi.

A Burundian community leader in the US suggested the teens may be intending to seek asylum from Burundi - which has faced deadly political violence in recent years which has seen tens of thousands refugees flee to other nations.

They believe they will have a better chance of asylum in Canada which has a more welcoming stance on refugees than America, he said.

And even if ICE declines to seek detention, it can take several years for applicants to have their formal interview to determine whether they are eligible for asylum.

Oscar Niyiragira, chairman of the United Burundian-American Community Association Inc., was not at all surprised to hear that some of the teens were heading to Canada.

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