Arcgis server 9 2 updating cache

Including continued support for data, titles, replace State. For HTML5 browsers this means that you can modify the URL directly, without needing to use hashes anymore.

For HTML4 browsers it will revert back to using the old onhashchange functionality.

Highly customizable checkboxes and radio buttons (j Query and Zepto).

Features: identical inputs across different browsers and devices (both desktop and mobile), touch devices support (i OS, Android, Black Berry, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle), keyboard accessible inputs (Tab, Spacebar, Arrow up/down and other shortcuts), screenreader accessible inputs — (ARIA attributes for Voice Over and others), customization freedom (use any HTML and CSS to style inputs or try 6 Retina-ready skins), lightweight size (1 kb gzipped).

It's purposefully limited to common components to provide our developers with the most flexibility, and to keep Git Hub uniquely *Git Hubby*.

It's built with SCSS and available via Bower, so it's easy to include all or part of it within your own project.

File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video for j Query.

Sock JS gives you a coherent, cross-browser, Javascript API which creates a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between the browser and the web server. It features a flexible expression parser and offers an integrated solution to work with numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices.

It animates anything Java Script can touch (CSS properties, canvas library objects, SVG, generic objects, whatever) and it solves lots of browser inconsistencies, all with blazing speed (up to 20x faster than j Query). Other libraries like j Query, Velocity, Transit, and Zepto only tween CSS properties.

Plus, their sequencing abilities and runtime controls pale by comparison.

Works with any server-side platform (Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.) that supports standard HTML form file uploads.

The Polymer library makes it easy to create your own web components.

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